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Default Small meals ideas

Hi! I have been dieting and using FitDay since the end of January with great success. My diet plan is basically many smalls meals thoughout the day with no large meals (and obviously healthy, low-calorie meals). I eat 8-10 mini meals a day (about 100-200 calories per meal) and have lost 37 pounds. I was wondering if anyone out there had some good recipes for snacking type foods, or cooking for one (which I can then split into 2 meals)....I am getting tired of eating the same foods since January. They work great for me but I need some variety!!

I currently eat:

Fruit (bananas, apples, oranges....)
Small salads
protein bars (I am training for a marathon too)
fiber bars
high fiber oatmeal
Dried fruit
beef jerky
veggies and fat free ranch (or hummus)
Hard-boiled eggs

I basically snack all day but limit myself to foods with high nutrition value for the amount of calories. I watch all my carbs/fat/protein/vitamins to make sure I have a well rounded day, but need more variety!

Thanks in advance for any help!

ps...most of the mini meals I was eating were based on convenience but I no longer work and have more time to make fresh foods now.
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