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1) 6 daily glasses of water minimum
2) 1650 calories maximum
3) walk/gym 3x this week minimum
4) write one hour per day MINIMUM
5) be present and mindful

Jeannne, thanks for starting us. I echo Mern's wish of "me time" for you.
Mern, I do hope you feel better and I hope the scale is kind to you, Jeanne, and what the heck to all of us! Though my scale is just reflecting what I have done in the way of "stress eating" and "birthday celebrating." New week, new start!!!
Lizzie, I hope you do see Bruce Willis. What are you doing in Budapest? Forgive me if you said last week; I didn't follow the thread much.
Tunnrida, good luck with the Jillian!!
I'm a little depressed from my accident (I guess that's natural, right?) but trying to keep my spirits up. Well let's hope this week's a good one!!

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