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Starting over AGAIN. I'm not going to change my numbers just yet even though the scales have gone back up by a couple of lbs, my trip to Palma was great but full of food and drink although I have been pretty good since I got back.
This week goals are :
1 stay below 1200 per day
2 start drinking water at least 3 times per day
3 exercise as often as I can

I know nos 2 & 3 are a little vague but I have a very busy week ahead, late days and moving about so it'll be the best I can do I'm afraid.
On Friday I'm off to Budapest for 1 week and apparently Bruce Willis is filming there next week, another Die Hard movie, I'll be on the hunt for him when I'm out and about.
Weight at start of Jan 11. - 174lbs
Weight now - 151 lbs

Mini Goal by 09 Jun 2012- 147
Final goal by end of 2012 - around 126-130 lbs

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