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Mern - I didn't find my report card either encouraging or discouraging. More of a reality check of where I am and what I need to work on. It tells me I am not putting the effort in that needs to be put in to get rid of this weight.

I gave myself a pep talk / lecture after seeing how I did on my goals. I almost posted this yesterday but decided against it. It really applies to all of us. Here is just a portion of it:

This journey is not only weight loss, but life altering as well - choices in what you eat, how you treat yourself, how much you value yourself, what amount of effort you will put towards yourself and your surroundings to name a few. This is all about you - not others - just you. Only you can change you. You may need to ask for help from others to change you. You may need to report your actions to others to hold yourself accountable for what you do - but in reality you need to face your actions head on and accept the results and be accountable only to yourself. It's you that matters the most.

Off to a killer work week - I have more work to get done than there is physically time to do. EEK!
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