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Default How do I help my dad?

My dad is very overweight, he's on medications for cholesterol, etc. He has been told by his doctor that he must lose weight. He's in his mid-60s and very set in his ways. He has said he wants to lose weight, and he has made some improvements, such as using stevia in his coffee instead of sugar. However in other ways he just doesn't seem to really want to commit to it.

He still eats very large portions of food and refuses to weigh or measure them. I think he's eating at least two times more calories than he thinks he is.
When he pours a bowl of cereal, he doesn't use the food scale to measure the grams serving and he doesn't even use a measuring cup, he just dumps the cereal into the bowl by eye. Same for milk, no measuring cup, just pours it in there, as much as he pleases. He's not losing any weight this way even though he thinks he's eating lower calories.

He seems to think if something is "healthy food" that he can eat as large a portion of it as he wants. This is obviously not true.

I'm very angry and upset with him because I feel like he's being selfish. I've told him before that when he gets older and needs my help that it's going to be very difficult for me if he's very heavy to help him do things like get to a bathroom. He'll also be more prone to things like bed sores if he's super heavy.

He eats way too much meat, even though he's been told he's only supposed to eat a deck of cards sized portion by a dietician. I chalk that up to our Southern culture and the fact that he grew up believing that men should eat a lot of meat. He's unwilling to try new foods (he once saw a different type of bread and it freaked him out).

He has a very stubborn and confrontational personality and I'm afraid that if he goes into a nursing home when he gets older that he will say mean things to the staff and it will lead to him being abused by them. I want to avoid putting him in that type of situation if possible, because I don't want him to be hurt.

If he's 300 lbs though, how am I going to be able to do things like help shift him in bed or help him get to a toilet on my own? He's too young for all that now, but it could be 10-20 years from now when this will be a big issue and if he could just try to drop some pounds now then it would help my peace of mind tremendously.

How can I help someone so set in their ways to improve his eating habits?

It would make his quality of life so much better even now.
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