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Thanks to all for your get well wishes. They worked.

Woke several times last night but was relatively comfortable, and was able to sleep as late as I wanted. I feel a lot better today and was able to eat a light brunch but then for dinner I had half a serving of low carb chili spaghetti (regional USA thing) and a few raw snowpeas/sugar snap peas in the pod and some fresh from the garden spearmint tea. An hour later my tummy feels fine. Arthritis bothering me so little today that when I don't think about it it doesn't hurt. Sinus conjestion all cleared up.

Cassie, I welcome virtual soup. Other people's food always tastes better than my own--except for meat loaf which I make exactly like my Mom did and no one made/makes it better. I'm so glad your day went well yesterday and that DH did OK. Prayers will continue to go up for your FIL.

Hope, how are you feeling today with the stress and headache? OMG two funerals in one week plus a car accident is just horrible. So sorry! Yes, good to get the headaches checked out. Wow, your car spinning around like that is scary! Intense is probably putting it mildly. Best wishes on the headache diagnosis and relief. Did you sustain much damage to your car? Huge hug to ya!

Nobe, I'm glad you enjoyed your walk and the outdoor market. Sounds like a lovely time. I hope you can wash away the salt quickly. I used to not crave salt, but since I've had low carb under my belt for a few years I now enjoy salty foods more. BUT at home I always use salt substitute, sodium free and low sodium versions of foods whenever possible. I guess we do things like enjoy too many carbs or too much sodium when we're in the instant gratification mood. Thank goodness we're all working on that. But we're all human and an occasional slip isn't the end of the world. We know what to do and how to do it. Yes, step-aunt is a correct word. I've never had organic free-range chicken but I've heard it's really wonderful. What a treat that must have been. You did GREAT on your food and fitness this week! Kudos! I don't do my life goals on here because of time limitations on the computer. I have hard enough time finding time to do my daily report on food and fitness.

Lizzie, I just raced through the posts today, too. Sometimes the best we can do is let the others know (as Hope said) that we're with them in spirit. That works.

Jeanne, Pepsi and cheese curds sounds good to me. LOL Wonderful job analyzing your pie chart. I hope your scale is nice to you when you next get on. I like your grading chart. It is more reasonable than expecting perfection all the time. But I'd like to know if you found your "report card" ENcouraging or DIScouraging or do you see it just as a valuable tool without getting down on yourself?

Mike, so glad you enjoyed your ninth anniversary with GF in NOLA! Your birthday is this Wednesday, the 9th, isn't it? How are you going to celebrate that?
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