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Hi everyone,

Glad you are here Chris & TXLaura. Chris I was an teenage athlete too and kept eating like one even when I wasn't exercising at that level, with predictable results. These days I have dreams about running but can't do it in my awake life because it's way too painful for my joints and jiggly bits!

I challenged myself to get up earlier to walk this past week, but so far it's a losing battle. The problem is I just don't WANT to wake up. I love sleep and want as much of it as I can get. So I'm squeezing in walks wherever I can and making plans to try to see a sleep doctor to see if improving the quality of my sleep (I have sleep apnea) might make me more able to wake up.

I'm finding that I don't mind an incredibly repetitive breakfast, but I need to find more things to do with my lunchtime chicken breast than eat it with salad greens, bbq sauce, and a whole wheat tortilla. I'm struggling with hunger in between meals and snacks some days, and on other days I have no appetite past 4pm. When I get hungry past a certain point I feel so furious though!

I'm doing really well with keeping up veggies for fiber and lots of water, more than a gallon a day. Also I switched to a food-logging system that has a fast app for my phone, and I'm managing to log more completely, though still not perfect.

How many times a day do you all log your foods? Once at the end of the day, or after every meal? I think I do better if I log often, but with the baby taking so much attention I don't often get a moment when I remember to log unless I dwell on food all day.

I love seeing the posts from all of you and wish you all the best for this week.
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