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Originally Posted by gotthardgirl View Post
Yep I am doing Atkins. I did it back in 2005 and lost 35 pounds in 3 weeks. It took 2 attempts for me to get through the induction flu stage but once I did it, the weight just fell off. I will add that I was hitting the gym doing aerobics and step classes and as much cardio as humanly possible and it was difficult as my muscles really felt it without the carbs in my body but I I managed and did my 1st aerobics class yesterday. I will say boy am I feeling it today but I shall soldier on and am looking forward to meeting others who are also on the same journey I am on. I will add I quit smoking 12 days ago as well so keeping the weight off is a must for me.
It's too late now, but if you read the Atkins books, they say not to exercise the first two weeks on Induction--your body needs time to get used to the lack of carbs. I was a competing athlete (track & field, volleyball, basketball, softball) until just a few years ago (when injuries sidelined me from VB, BB, and SF). I never missed the get your energy from the carbs in veggies and protein.
Originally Posted by gotthardgirl View Post
I highly recommend that you do. It really works if you follow it exactly how it says. I lost 35 pounds in like 3 weeks back in 2005 on it and have restarted it again this week. It does work. Good luck if you decide to go for it
Make sure you read one of the books. (You can get them for Kindle, if that is easier for you.) It's very important to know the science behind the plan or you are more tempted to cheat. Also, you can't take another person's word for what Atkins actually need to know for yourself. Atkins and low carb are two different things...and the nay-sayers to Atkins have rarely read the books. They are going by what they heard from their best friend's cousin or something.
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If there is a diet that works it's this one. I went from 220 to 160 in under 5 months. I went back up to 190 over the next sixth months but I've managed to shed 8.8 pounds in two weeks. My body fluctuates like crazy. It's really easy for me to lose and gain. Stay with this plan though. Reach ketosis at all costs, its worth it.
It takes time for your body to re-set its weight anchor...and, you lose better/faster when you are younger. Also, you lose better before your insulin process is broken. Even though I controlled my bs and my weight with Atkins/low carb for 30+ years, it doesn't work the same now. Now I am concentrating on getting the bs to an acceptable range...Atkins says not to look for weight loss until the bs is under control.
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