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Question Need drink suggestions please

Hi, I am a coca cola addict. I am 100 lbs overweight and was drinking up to 7 cans a day. I know this is hard to believe but I do not overeat. In fact, I have a pituitary disorder that makes me nauseated most of the time so that's why I was living on coke and saltines. I never crave sweets because I get so much sugar in my cokes. I dropped down to 2 a day three days ago and I've lost 6 lbs. The problem is that EVERY sugar substitute out there gives me a migraine. I have tried them all. I'm now drinking tons of ice water which my doctor swears burns calories because your body has to use energy to heat it up for your stomach. However, I need some alternatives. I love water. but I need something to replace it now and then. I would appreciate any help. Thanks so very much.
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