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Hi Claire,

Thanks for the encouragement! The weight came off very slowly the first month, but my body finally got with the program and the progress is more steady now. My best advice is to eat as clean as possible. Processed foods really inhibit fat loss for me, and the more I cut that out, the better I've done. I eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, eggs, nuts, greek yogurt, steel cut oats, etc. I have changed the way I shop and cook, and it's made my sodium intake drop dramatically too. I do count every calorie most days (I average a few days a month off of fitday), and my ratios are around 40-50% carbs, 25-30% fats, 25-30% proteins. That's where my body seems happiest. I eat anywhere from 1000-1600 calories per day, depending on the day, and if I'm plateauing, I make sure to mix up my total calories, foods I'm eating, increase water intake, etc. I lost the first 12 pounds or so without exercising much, which I wouldn't necessarily recommend, but I wanted to start changing my habits one thing at a time. Now I'm working out a few days a week. Nothing crazy... just half an hour or so of getting my HR up on the elliptical, some light weight training, and lots of core exercise.

I hope that's helpful, and good luck to you! Congratulations on your past weight loss, and be proud of yourself that you've been able to keep off most of what you lost a couple years ago. Your goal of a 13 pound loss is completely realistic and attainable by July 28, and just take it one pound at a time!
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