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Originally Posted by dnadjkovic View Post
Are any of you runners? I went vegan at the urging of a friend who was diagnosed with polymyocitis (body attacking large muscle groups, so constant pain). However, I have MAJOR allergies to almost the entire nut family. So my protein was limited to beans, soy and bioidentical manufactured protein.

...So, long story short, I'd LOVE to go back to it, but without nuts - is there anything I can load up on to MATCH lean meat protein?
Wow! I am a vegetarian who also is violently allergic to nuts. I've never come across another one before.

Because of my nut allergies (I'm allergic to serveral types of beans too), it's impossible for me to be a vegan. At first I was eating a lot of soy products, but I started reading about how bad soy dogs/burgers/sausage/bacon is for you so I cut it out. In a nutshell, think about what has to be done to a soy bean to make it look and taste like a sausage link. That can't be good.

I found, reluctantly, adding an occasional piece of fish in my diet was the best solution. Good luck!
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