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Default Upgraded to V2

Well I upgraded to V2 and spent time working with it the last few weeks, and have to say I am very disappointed. It did import all my custom foods, and I have a fancy new button that says "Sync" which only works if you also have the premium online version. The database, print, and exports features appear to be exactly the same. The search for foods functions still pulls up a zillion things that you have to search for, like you search for chicken breasts and it's halfway down the list. The only reason I can see to upgrade to the newest version is if you are also going to use the premium edition online, so that you can sync the two together.

In fact I told my dh last night that the only thing I got for my $19.95 was a new color scheme!

Very disappointed, would have expected to be able to at least have more print options, like print a weeks worth of menu's for your trip to the doctor. An updated database would have been nice too, but it seems to be the same too. Just not sure what exactly was upgraded, except the sync button.

I do want to add that I have used Fitday since 2003 and have found it very useful, just disappointed that I can't seem to find any differences between what I had and what I just upgraded to.
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