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Originally Posted by sarkai90 View Post
I have the same problem when I search the database, so I enter custom foods for almost everything. I only use the database for very basic items (mostly fruits, veggies, eggs, etc). The good news is that once you enter the custom food once, it's there for quick reference forever. I've been using fitday for about 4 years off and on, and I rarely add a custom food anymore. All of my staples are entered, and I know exactly what I'm getting. I don't think you're doing anything wrong with your search... fitday definitely needs to work on it.
Hi Sarkai, congratulations on your wonderful progress--losing 16lbs in just about 2 months. That's awesome. Since I have a similar weight and goal as yours, but am not having any luck, I wanted to ask if you are following a special diet, and how many calories you allow daily.

I'm 148lbs., and 5'5" with a goal of 135 by July 28 ---my son's wedding.

Two years ago, I lost 18lbs on FitDay simply by logging food. It came off slowly..about 2lbs/month, but I was so pleased with my progress. I had begun at 160, and reached a low of 142 which I maintained for almost a year..even without FitDay, but slowly the weigh crept back, and now I'm back up to 148. I really want to reach my goal this time, but the weight just isn't moving. Any suggestions?

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