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Default Goal goal goal

Megan Ė those humps are great to get over, see my big news at the end of this message (yes, it really is all about me)

Nvolz Ė glad to have you here Ė that snack doesnít really exist (ok, maybe celery), the endless munching is the problem, how about crochet?

Pam sounds like a great trip, and yeah, microbrews should be overindulged on

Mai, your question seems like a good one to ask a doctor, sorry I canít help.

OK, ready?

Iím so happy! I moved the big weight on the scale today Ė it had been firmly on the 150 line(when it was over 200, I wasnít at a gym with a nice balance scale). Slowly over the years the little weight had been drifting left, today, it got all the way to the left, and still, the balance didnít change, I moved the big weight over to the left, and the little weight all the way to the right, longer description than needed to say YAY I hit 150 thatís what Iíll call it, it might be 149 point something. Iím a maintenance girl now!
Happier than I should be
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