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Therinn, last summer I joined a gym. No big deal in that but there was a "big guy" there. I am not great at guessing weight but this guy is probably about 6' and around 430 - 450 pounds. He wore black socks and dress shoes with weird looking shorts and t-shirts with swearing on them! But here's the thing: he has one leg. The first day I saw him, I thought "good luck, buddy. Stick to it!" I never thought ill of him. Throughout the fall and winter, he was there almost every day I was. He hired a personal trainer who kicked butt but I could tell they really respected each other. I wish I worked as hard as him and had as much discipline. In about 4 months, he lost over 50 pounds and had to get a new, fake leg because the other one kept falling off due to his weight loss. Everyone respects him a lot. His trainer told me that he can finally play with his kids again, drive his car and go shopping. In a gym, everyone gets to know everyone a little bit - as much as you let yourself be known. But what I find is that everyone wants everyone else to succeed and even the ones I think are 'roid monkeys will take time to answer questions about how to do better weights or cardio or whatever you need. It can actually be a pretty caring community so don't be afraid to start. Introduce yourself around and ask questions. You'll be surprised at how many people will want to help you if you're teachable. I was totally intimidated when I first went so I hired a trainer to teach me what NOT to do in the gym as well as what TO do. Once I learned enough to know I wasn't going to hurt myself, I have been on my own and met some really nice people. I also like that it gives me "alone time" to just sweat and listen to my Ipod.
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