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If you want some great help I would suggest going to facebook and joining the group YOURHCG.....LOVE IT....they are extremely carrying and helpful for everyone.....and they have a consultant that is there till Midnight most days if not all for online chat if you have any questions...... link removed I would check it out....

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Originally Posted by mamacass73 View Post
At my clinic they claim they aren't making much profit so that is why I assume it is so cheap. I have a feeling they may raise the price after they get more clientele but for now it is pretty reasonable. It includes a 40 day round doing a daily shot. At first they gave you 40 syringes with a premixed vile but now they are just giving you 40 pre-loaded syringes. They write a prescription for a B12 shot and syringes.. My insurance covered most of that but you are required to pay for that yourself. Which if I recall it was around $30.00.
I am glad it is so cheap but you are pretty much on your own after you buy it at my clinic so the professionalism and nurturing attitude is lost with the cheap price.. No weigh-in's or common courtesy call backs or even convenient answering of any but I'm ok with that.. So maybe some higher prices include a "program" which mine definitely does not..
It is near Branson,MO so if anyone is nearby.. I will give you any info I have.
: )

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