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1. Drink min 100oz of WATER!!/install TV in washroom cuz thats where I spend most of my day now
2. Wake up early before my monsters wake up! (seriously)!! YESSSSSS
3. PM workout Mon/Wed/Fri(at least)!!
4. Min 60 crunches/day!
5. 5 Pushups (straight leg)/ 10 pushups (knees)!
6. Calories below 1300/day!
7. Don't crash and burn on the weekend! WEEKEND WARRIORS UNITE!!!
8. Always say something nice about the person who posted before me!
9. FINISH SCRAPBOOK! Mothers Day is quickly approaching!!

Terri congrats on your new career prospects and good luck with your new journey! Sounds very exciting nice to see you back!

HOPE!! Im here and Im IN!! This week is going to be great!!!!!

Nobe so exciting you have met your mini goal and very inspiring for everyone to hit it hard this week!!!

Kfleet Welcome! There are lots of different food related threads - would check them out if you have a few moments There are a lot of healthy substitutes that I too am learning as I go! We also post recipes here sometimes!

Joanna Good luck with all of your finals!! Keep us posted!

Mike I have also been slacking and Im really mad at myself.NO MORE Its a new week Im aiming for 5 workouts this week (double bonus time!!) Get moving or youre grounded from the bike! (plus Mern has a whip and she aint afraid to use it)

Mern see above (mike) and take pics!!

Becky welcome back!

And the first lucky winner of Goal # 8 isMERN!! **You have a beautiful soul and your encouragement brings sunshine to every page in this thread!**

Starting: 178 lbs - 06/15/2013
Current : 176.5 lbs - 06/26/2013
Mini Goal #1: 170 lbs
Ultimate Goal: 140 lbs
**"Stick to the fight when you're hardest hit--It's when things seem the worst that you must not quit." **
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