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1) 6 glasses of water minimum- 7, 4,5, 6,6, 5,6
2) 1650 calories maximum except on Thursday, my birthday- 1633, 1190,1233, 1481, 1600+ F,S, 1400+ sunday
3) stretch daily- Yes, Yes, No, Yes,Yes, No, Yes
4) gym 3x this week--Yes, NO, NO, Yes, Yes, No, No
5) avoid sugar (except maybe Thursday)-Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, No, Yes, Yes
6) avoid tomatoes -Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, So so, Yes, No
7) do not overdo dairy -Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, a little, Yes, NO
8) write one hour at least 5 days this week- Yes, Class and some writing, No, no, Yes, no, no
9) meditate -No, No, No, No, NO , NO, NO
10) do not worry_NO, YES, yes, YES, yes, NO BIGTIME, yes
11) be positive- NO,[COLOR="seagreen}YES VERY YES, yes, YESITY YES YES, Yes, NOOOOOOOOO, Yes
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