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Used 1.0 since about 2003, and its been a love-hate relationship. First it works. But you can't export any of the data and many of the food choices are absurd. Simple items like 'chicken breast' you have to hunt for, but chicken feet comes up right on top. And the search doesn't look at two words in combination, but rather doubles the choices you have to scan through. And using so many brands items when you only update about every ten years is pretty much pointless. Also I've noticed that many values are WAY off in sodium and/or fat, bagels is one example of many.

So before I'd even think about an 'upgrade' I want to know some basic important things like: - does all the data from 1.0 including custom foods import easily into 2.0?
- Can we export data so we can share graphs and values with a dietitian?
- Can you delete chicken feet and brand items that have been obsolete for over 5 years or have incorrect values (honey nut Cheeerios)
- Will you start answering simple questions like the very first one on this thread re. a discount for those of us that kept the company afloat in the first place?
and finally, why can't 1.0 users simply download the software like with almost all other companies? I've downloaded several iterations of other programs I've bought several times. Sorry Fit Day, you work, you're pretty good, but you are no Apple to expect us to just shell out full price again.
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