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Default We can do this!

Hello to all you new to this site and welcome!
Fairly new myself but really liking it. The site's very user friendly, except for logging workouts in my opinion as that has been the one challenge for me.

I am trying to get to 125 lbs from the 154 that 2012 found me at! Currently at 143 so a bit more to go. My goal is to be there by 6/15.

It's been up/down but down for the most part. Have tried WW but not crazy about it. Also tried Atkins but found the first phase menu way too hard to incorporate into my daily life.

So I decided to just watch what I eat being extremely mindful of my daily carb count, however as I've found that the weeks where I eat as little carb as possible, yield the highest weight loss.

I know we don't typically want to hear this but exercise is key. So I started by forcing myself (literally) to get up at 5:00 to log a workout before my day starts and other obstacles (real or made up) get in the way. An hour of cardio on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and 30 minutes of cardio plus another 30 of weight training on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays. First week is hard to get up but you feel like a million buck after. It's definitely true what they say about an "exercise high". It gets easier the second week and I swear that by the 3 week you are actually looking forward to hitting the gym!

Another lifesaver for me was a product called True Lime. Sold at most supermarkets, it's crystallized lime (also comes in lemon and orange) in little pouches equivalent to 1 wedge. I drop one or two in my water at the gym or at work and end up drinking 8 glasses of water plus daily without realizing it. I also keep a couple in my purse, wallet so when I go out to eat it is easier to just order water with my meal versus Coke, etc and add it to my water.

Good luck guys and don't despair. Treat every day as an opportunity to either start all over if yesterday was not so great or to motivate you otherwise.

Feel free to connect with me offline if you'd like.
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