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Completely agree with tandoorichicken. I pretty much follow the same diet. Did a low-carb caveman diet (still eating cheese and yoghurt though) initially to loose the weight, now I eat a few grains like rice and oats occasionally, and try to avoid glutenous grains (although I do occasionally have a fat day where I eat/drink anything I want). I would definetely recommend Atkin's diet for weight loss, as long as you eat plenty of fresh vegetables. Vegetables will neutralise the acidity in the blood from the ketones and eating meat etc. Barley grass is a known alkalising food. Fasting also forces the body to utilise ketones, and fasting is known to be very beneficial. So the body is designed to be able to utilise ketones as an energy source. I personally, go on and off ketosis to manage my weight and stay healthy.
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