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Thank you both for the kind words, and big congratulations to the 2 of you for your successes as well. Both are big achievements.

Frenchhen13: 90 pounds in two years is SO WONDERFUL! I'm at 42 pounds in two years!

And you know what? That is every bit as awesome! I really enjoyed and related to what you wrote about honesty - often, it truly is harder to be honest when it comes to giving ourselves the recognition and props we deserve than it is to downplay our achievements.

Kathy13118: It's just doing those few things, and if they were easy for me, I never would have gotten fat!

Ain't that the truth! There's a saying that is humorously relevant to weight loss, and it definitely applies here: Q: "How do you eat an elephant?" A: "One bite at a time." It is difficult. I have always found it better to take it one day at a time as opposed to keeping a very long-term view. Especially in a moment of weakness, I find it easier to power through it by realizing "I can work out today," or "Right now, I can resist the urge to eat even though I'm not hungry." Usually, I don't even consider the long-term goal; I just focus on the moment. Prioritizing all those little things that add up to success is no small feat, either, but I think being mindful of every moment has played a big part in my success. Not sure if this helps or not, I'm just sort of "think/writing out loud." I think simply being aware of your obstacles is about 75% of the battle, and it's great that you posted and shared them. You certainly motivated and inspired me, and am sure you've done the same for many others. Just be sure to be honest with yourself and give yourself the credit that's due!
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