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I don't think so. I was shopping around and there are some other nice journal programs that sync with p/c, mobile.

I use what is familiar to me. What I would like to see is the food list being upgraded. There are so many new food items. Entering in a custom food is a good mental exercise. What we are doing here is behaviour modification. Even having a conversation in forums with someone you can boost with is a good thing-your co-workers will get sick of it.

So i see since I posted last I've now lost 14 pounds! It's working this time, or shall I say, I'm working. In the weight log it has the 3 month projected weight. in past attempts, I ignored that and said, Yeah right! Now I'm focusing on that number and saying, lets keep at it and see if this will work 174# started at 204 on my way to 150.
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