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Question Just a bit more clarification please...

Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
OK, create a new custom food, then
click the Ingredients tab, then
use the search or browse or history to find an ingredient, then
drag the ingredient into the Food Name section and enter the Units and Amount, then
repeat with the rest of the ingredients.

It's really easy. I generally enter the entire recipe, then make a note in the name as to the total number of servings. That way I can divide it as necessary when I eat a portion (or two).

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the directions. However, when I make a recipe and it has a quantity of one, fitday will calculate for the whole batch instead of dividing the ingredients up. So if I enter a recipe for a pot of mushroom veggies (not a real thing) that was for 6 servings, if I choose 1 serving it gives the whole amount for the recipe.

I hope that was clear, I am finding it hard to communicate that if I have a recipe for 6 servings FD will only give out the nutritional info for the whole batch not one serving. Can this be avoided?
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