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Originally Posted by Sara750S View Post
Thank you for the positive comments! I seem to be apologising to people when they ask how far I run as my response is "only 2 miles"! But then I forget that a few months ago I was walking/shuffling that.

Target is a 5k fun event booked for June!

Something to be aware of. You only need a very few daily miles to reach a very large portion of your potential.
Example from my own past. I ran track/cross country in high school( grad.1978). I was not able to afford decent running shoes so I was only running 3-4 miles a day for the two years I competed. 2 mile in 10:55, mile in 5:09. Three years later, running in college and covering 70-85 miles a week (10-12 miles/day) brought my mile to 4:32, 2 mile estimated at 9:40 (5K run in college, no 2 mile race).
Really not a whole lot of improvement compared to the investment in time and mileage.
Then look at world class runners. 80-120(or more) miles per week for a second or two(maybe) in the mile.
Never apologize for your running, you're out there doing it and not couch surfing.
"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift."
Steve Prefontaine
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