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Ninety pounds and forty-two pounds - you've both got me beat! This past week, the person who weighed me at WW said, 'This makes a five-pound loss!' What she doesn't realize is that I've gone to WW for so long that I have actually lost 24 pounds over the years I've been doing WW - and then going to other diets, and then returning to WW!

I congratulate you both for stepping out of your own way to lose the weight. It's a slow process for me to take it off and keep it off.

When taking little side-trips to other diets, I do lose weight fast in the beginning, I admit.. Then, whatever the diet is proves to be too challenging. I'll add number 9 to my list:

9. When I realize a diet clashes with my lifestyle (or the need to exercise clashes with my lifestyle), I quit it. I think, I'll just go back to WW. Which I do. But any reduction of calories is going to mean 'tweaking' ingredients of recipes I commonly use, learning to deal with emotional eating, cutting my portion size down. I know this already. It's not an intellectual exercise, choosing what variety of diet. It's just doing those few things, and if they were easy for me, I never would have gotten fat!
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