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Originally Posted by changeisgood29 View Post
Hi, Kathy,

Thank you for sharing your obstacles and your insights - I found it encouraging to know someone else experiences some of the same struggles that I do (not that I'd wish them on anyone, though!).

In the spirit of this thread, I thought I'd share one my own:

My biggest obstacle has always been my habit of comparing my rate of weight loss to other people's. I'm slowly getting better about it, but I still do it. And, of course, most people seem to lose faster than I do, and I have a tendency to get discouraged about it. It's silly - how fast other people lose has absolutely nothing to do with my weight loss, but yet I compare them anyway. I get so mad at myself about it! Sometimes, I'm just too quick to think, "Yes, I've lost 90 pounds, but it's taken me 2 years" - as if the worth and value of the achievement is dependent on time, which it's not!

Thanks for starting a great thread and a place to vent and share.
Bouncing off some comments and the initial post, HONESTY is what is needed. Once we are honest with ourselves, truly HONEST, it becomes easier. 90 pounds in two years is SO WONDERFUL! I'm at 42 pounds in two years! And I keep having to reassure myself that slow loss is best for me. Yes, others around me can just boom, lose 10 pounds. Not, me. I claw and scratch for every single pound. It might be a pound a month. I just roll with it. I have to, that is where my honesty with myself HAS to happen or I will lose the TRUTH for me. But getting off the bus and walking downtown last night in my new dress to meet my husband for dinner(that I paid 10 dollars for at Ross) I felt confident and HONEST.
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