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Weigh everything. replace serving spoons with measuring cups and spoons. Using the Fitday journal and recording your foods. You are modifying the way you have learned to eat. I actually like the exercise of taking every serving bowl I own and learning how much they hold. Your diet scale is your magic weapon against hidden calories eaten because you miscalculated.

Obssesive????not really. Once you've got it all down, you can whip up a meal and have it all calculated out.

shortcut: take your serving dish or bowl and put it on the scale and 0 out that weight. then place the food item down to be weighed, record the weight, then 0 again for the next food you are portioning out.

shortcut. open the dry item, (like nuts) and use the lid on the scale-zero out the lid weight and add your food. very important for high calorie items like nuts.

Test yourself: weigh a clean knife. zero out that weight, now eyeball 1 ounce of peanut butter on the knife edge and weigh it. how close did you come? how big was your 1 ounce of cereal in your favorite bowl.

on the plus side, A portion of cantaloupe was much bigger than I thought and boy can I put down some produce.

IF YOU ARE JUST STARTING OUT, JUST WORK ON SIMPLE CHANGES. Work on just getting your foods recorded daily and staying at a set caloric limit. soon enough you will naturally start to modify your diet when you think,,,hmm If I eat this instead of that, I can save some calories.

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