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Question Fitday V1 to V2


Does V2 import all your logs (food, exercise), custom foods, from v1 to v2?

Does V2 split the food log into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, snacks etc like V1 does?

Does V2 sync to the website? I found a thread that talks about it syncing to the website, but only syncs both ways if you also have the premium version. Is this correct information?

I have browsed the forums and don't find much info on differences between the software's, so am hesitant to upgrade at all. I would like to do the online version too, but seems to me that it is really expensive.

Premium web version:
Does it allow you to split the foods up into breakfast, lunch, dinner etc? Right now the online versions seems to put all your foods in one log and does not split them into the meals.

Android Fitday:

I see a lot of talk about making an android version of this software, but it seems to be consumers of the software talking and no response really from Fitday. Is this in the works or not? and when will it be out?
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