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Pam – Portland is one of my bucket list places – I’ve never been to the PNW at all, and hear it is amazing. Keep going! Success breeds success

Dave – it’s hard to combine weights and cardio – I find weights always lose when time gets tight.
Sara – Welcome – a lot for you is all that matters, and you’re the one that is doing it. The jump from two to three miles will come soon if you want it to, and then you can drop in conversation “well, after running 5K this morning…”

And, as regular as the sun, Tunnrida, great work.

Pretty boring spinning class today – I was a few minutes late, and considered just running instead, because this instructor is less than engaging, but I want to support the program, so I spun, and did work pretty hard. Then I added 5 crunches to my set.
Stay strong!

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