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Hi everyone!!

Just got home from a concert (Blue Rodeo), and there is nothing like stadium seating to remind one of their size!! Had a great time! Resisted popcorn, pop, beer and other munchies. So that was a victory in the food department!

Great to see more newbies! Thanks so much for posting everyone, and for the support. I am committing to a permanent lifestyle change. I am sick and tired of how I feel. I am an emotional eater too, it is a viscious cycle. Trying to examine why I overeat; and being aware of what I am feeling when I reach for food, particularly junk food. I know sometimes it is thirst, boredom, depression (which seems to set in when I don't get enough real exercise). Doing alot of soul searching these days.

Something else I though of today is that it seems like alot of our socializing with friends (and even with just me and my husband) is centred around food. I like eating, like trying new restaurants, new foods, I like talking about food! Sigh. But going to cut waayy back on eating out. Going to try to plan more activities with friends; not always lunches/suppers. Preparing my own nutritious food is something I need to focus on.

Please keep posting, and I will too.
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