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Hi, Kathy,

Thank you for sharing your obstacles and your insights - I found it encouraging to know someone else experiences some of the same struggles that I do (not that I'd wish them on anyone, though!).

In the spirit of this thread, I thought I'd share one my own:

My biggest obstacle has always been my habit of comparing my rate of weight loss to other people's. I'm slowly getting better about it, but I still do it. And, of course, most people seem to lose faster than I do, and I have a tendency to get discouraged about it. It's silly - how fast other people lose has absolutely nothing to do with my weight loss, but yet I compare them anyway. I get so mad at myself about it! Sometimes, I'm just too quick to think, "Yes, I've lost 90 pounds, but it's taken me 2 years" - as if the worth and value of the achievement is dependent on time, which it's not!

Thanks for starting a great thread and a place to vent and share.
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