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Alright, I was MIA last week, but I have excuses! I had to stay with my boyfriend because of a heating issue in my house. He doesn't have internet so I could post. Staying with my boyfriend also meant eating like a college guy, so I'm up 3 pounds. D: But I'm back!

I may not be able to post replies to much this week, as I have finals coming up, a busy work schedule, and no time to lose! But I will be reading as much as possible. I've come to notice water in almost everybody's goals and thought I'd add it to mine!

1) Under 1200 calories
2) 64 oz of water per day (in addition to water consumed during my workout)
3) Workout EVERY morning

1) Study
2) Study
3) Ace my biology oral defense
4) Finish ALL math homework
- Mandy

College junior, biology major, grocery store supervisor, lover of food!

Height => 5'2"
September 2011 => 197 lb
Current weight => 162 lb (again... )
Ultimate goal => 135 lb
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