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Nobe, there's certainly nothing wrong with enjoying a day off from strict eating goals occasionally. Sounds like you burned an awful lot of calories with all that cleaning. Glad you enjoyed the pizza and barbecue. You did really great last week--give yourself credit for the spectacular amount of green in your reports, but it is nice to see the red disappear on Mondays.

April, your hard work on your health and fitness goals is really paying off with that 2.8 lb. loss last week! Lot of hard physical work on all the household chores you did, too.

Terrie, kudos on passing on the cake, soda, chips and cookies. Yeah, I'd be hard pressed to pass on a Heath Bar, too.

Hope, LOL on my GD buying Mike's car if she doesn't like the 1999 Dodge Neon that she may buy. My 2000 Mercury Sable isn't pretty, either, but it runs perfectly. I just noticed today that someone keyed the rear driver's side of my car. Amazes me what some people do for fun! Aw, thanks for filling me in more about your father-in-law's eye sight (and lady friend.) What a loving family he has--so lucky to have you and your DH. Be assured I'll keep him in my prayers.

Julie, first off, major kudos on dropping 23 lbs. since February 26. That is fabulous! Best wishes on your goals this week.

asaxygirl, welcome! Looking forward to getting to know you. What are your health and fitness goals?

frenchhen, great job last week! Wishing you a great week ahead.

Cassie, thanks for starting us off this week and for the reminder that taking good care of ourselves should be on our priority list. We'll give a shout-out if we don't see you around this busy week.

Gotta go pick up the grandkids. Will do more catch-up later. Cyberhugs to all.
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