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Hope, I'm here, I was out shopping. I still have to catch up on the posts from last night, but first a couple comments and then my goals.

I did sleep better last night--woke only four times for potty trips after drinking over 64 oz. yesterday. Was able to get right back to sleep and slept well when. That was such a welcome rest!

Didn't know at first quite how to take the question I was asked, but then I decided to take it as a compliment to myself. At a grocery warehouse this morning a 20ish young male greeter/ID checker at the entry door offered me a motorized shopping cart. At first I thought, "Geez, do I look that feeble?" But then I stopped to think that I may be in a minority of 5 feet tall "extremely obese" 65 year old women who is fit enough to walk two miles on a treadmill and then go grocery shopping. It doesn't take much for me to accept a compliment when it wasn't MEANT as one. LOL

This week's goals changing slightly as I lean more toward pesco-vegetarian with fish, egg substitute, and dairy allowed. I'm still learning how to eat this way and keep my pie chart balanced. Not promising to be perfect but I'm experimenting with this way of eating to see if it can help bring down my high cholesterol and triglycerides down closer to normal.

Calorie limit 1500
Total carbs less fiber AVERAGE 25g
Fiber AVERAGE 25g
Saturated fat AVERAGE 12% of total calories
Protein AVERAGE 100g per day
TRACK my dietary cholesterol intake

Pre-plan and pre-log a satisfying, healthful evening snack
Exercise 5 days
Water 64 oz. per day

Gotta go throw in some laundry. Will be back to catch up later.
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