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Hi Kathy!

since you read my story, I was curious to find out about yours, so here I am!
Well, what you describe just sounds human to me. You know, just normal, human attitude. And there is nothing wrong with being optimistic (that you will lose those pounds faster than others, for example ).
I have no clue how WW works, I just thought you might find handy a trick I do. I bought a large straw basket and filled it with stuff that I can snack on but is also healthy (and in my case, vegan). So I have in there now apples, clementines, cucumbers, small containers with dried fruits and nuts (but I suspect that is not the best choice for weight loss, still it's better than a burger, as they are packed with nutrients). Now, I live in the Netherlands (but I am Greek), so the climate here allows for fruit to be out the fridge. This way, if I keep the basket close to me, I do not get tempted to go to the kitchen and grab that dark chocolate spread
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