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Unfortunately, I have yet to find a DIET that guarantees you won't regain weight once you lose it. I have found the regaining tendency in every diet I've ever been on - and so I guess it must be me. It really is my focus and commitment that keeps me going to meetings and paying attention to what the scale is telling me.

If I do attain my goal weight at WW, I can continue to go to meetings as a lifetime member. All the more support, which is all good - for me. It all comes down to - me. If the support of WW didn't help, I wouldn't go.

As far as WW being a business... meh, so what. If someone told me that I could lose all the weight I want when I drink a magic potion or they wave a magic wand, all for the low, low price of $10,000, I'd come up with that money somehow. THEY would be in the business of changing lives. I'd be a willing customer. Too bad there aren't magic potions (some would argue that Slimfast fits that description) or magic wands. Until then, I have to reduce my calories.
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