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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Hi, Hope. Welcome back. You're welcome for the grandmotherly advice on sticking to your guns with rules for DD. So sorry to learn of DH's dad losing his vision. How old is he? Well, I'm glad you enjoyed the food on your last college trip. I'm sure you're glad all that is behind you. My live-in GD is going to a local branch of the University of Cincinnati for two years and then will complete her bachelor's degree on the main campus IN Cincinnati. Where we live there is no public bus transportation so she will have to drive to and from school. A co-worker of my daughter's has an older car that she has kept in tip-top shape since she bought it in 1999, doing all routine maintenance as scheduled, and she claims it runs like new. They're going to look at it next week. We're hoping it will last her at least four years while she continues to work part-time and saves up a nice down-payment on a brand new one.
Thanks, Mern honey. I'm glad to be back. Back on track hopefully. I enjoyed the trip; we checked out U of North Carolina at Asheville, a great town, a very foody town, with very friendly people. But the school might just not have the programs and internships DD is seeking. Tho she says she would love to live there someday (me too!)

I hope your GD has luck with the car. MY DD has my DH's old car, a 1999 Toyota. It aint pretty but it runs. If your GD doesn't like the car, maybe she can ask Mike if she can buy his!!!

DH's Dad is 86. DH is very very close to him. He lost his Mom, who was one of his best friends, 4 years ago. His Dad aged so much after she died; I guess that's common. Luckily he has a "lady friend" a terrifically irritating person (trust me on this) but also very good at taking care of him so she is driving him around, taking him to doctors, etc. The sight loss was in one eye, supposed to be temporary. We thought it was due to meds but it might be diabetes, age, blood pressure, etc. So DH is bummed. I'm just gonna try and keep his spirits up and his Dad's too. We're thinking of getting him an e reader and trying for a tv with big close captions. We will all hold together and do the best we can and pray for well I guess a miracle. So send the good words out there for my dear F-I-L a really sweet man!!!
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