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Originally Posted by efduncan View Post
I tried the Atkins a few years ago for a couple weeks. I lost weight but I got board with the food pretty quick. I have never had great luck with sticking with "diets". How about you?
I can't stick with a certain diet either. I think we are just human being and we get use to a certain food that are comforting and we also crave for a certain food. If you follow a certain diet and eat what the book said, that is really not nature. I found the best way for me is to eat what I would normally eat in a smaller portion. I also try to cook it healthier too. This way I won't deprive myself, however, the weight loss is very slow.
I didn't do well in the last 9 months. No work out, no watch my portion. I gained all back. This is a life long journey and I have to stick with it. I have learned.
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