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Hi there everyone- hope you are all having a positive weekend? This time of the week seems to be the hardest for me because im not out and about as much and i need to lose the habit of boredom eating!
I lost 4lbs this week at weigh in!!!!
I do weightwatchers and weigh in on wednesday evenings.
The weight loss has spurred me on not let go of the control and when im doing well im a much happier person. I had a bad couple of days this week, not with food but my mood- ive been to the doctors with help because i seem to stress so badly and its upsetting because i dont feel the person i used to- just too wired all the time. Anyway i didnt comfort eat like i usually would have and im proud that it paid off.
I understand with the comments when comes to having a supportive partner. My ex never gave me what i needed in any way and im not saying its his fault i bacame so overweight but it didnt help that i had no belief or pride in myself. However my boyfriend who ive been with 7 years has been fantastic. I couldnt have got as far as i have without him and his support. He always loved me and showed me he was attracted to me even when i was at my heaviest. At the time it felt too good to be true and he helped to give me the confidence to feel i did deserve all this love and adoration. When i began to like myself more the weight was easier to come off because i believed in myself.
This doesnt mean it has to be a man that gives us that kind of support- thats why we have fitday because any support that is needed for all of us we are all here to hand it out in bucket loads!!!!!!!!!!

Tracey x
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