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I agree with Cassie, I don't know what is wrong with people but if you say you are quitting smoking, or drinking, or whatever, they feel obliged to pressure you.
I have never smoked and when offered a ciggie just said so and there was never any problem but when my friend said that she was trying to give up it was always " are you sure you dont want one" or " I'm sure one wont hurt". Same with dieting, it's always " you dont need to lose weight, or one muffin wont hurt you, or dont be a wet blanket sitting there eating rabbit food" So I usually say that
1. I had to have a large lunch with clients/workmates/people leaving so im not very hungry.
2. My doctor has told me to avoid fats, dairy, oily food....whatever.
3. I seem to be allergic to some of these foods so I'm avoiding them.
4. Ive given up bread, chocolate, wine, whatever for Lent ( you can only use this one at certain times of the year of course)
5. I've completely gone off these sweet things, they make me feel ill, maybe I'm pregnant/menopausal.
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