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Post 30 pounds in 30 weeks

I have been on diets constantly and am always and forever looking for a 'quick' way to lose 3-5 pounds in a week or even more. Depending on what the certain diet would promise...Anyway I am by no means overweight, but want to get back to my model body that I once had and loved!!! I have 2 kids, my youngest now 13 months and he is my 'little shining star' while my oldest is my 'sunshine'. Both boys.. Anyway, I have now decided that I am going to workout 60 minutes a day everyday, no rest (for the wicked!) seriously, I find that when I rest I have a really hard time starting again. It is going to consist of 40 minutes a day, separated into 2-20 minute walks (3 mph on the treadmill) and then one for 20 minutes on the elliptical (resist 7) and 'try' to eat between 1550-1600 cal a day..8am200,10am150, noon300,2pm150,4pm150,6pm400 and then 8pm 200 calories. My goal is 1 pound from Friday to Friday and IF I happen to NOT reach my whole 1 pound loss for that Friday I will work out extra throughout the weekend to get to that last part of that pound to be lost by Monday morning. I had skipped weighing myself for 3.5 weeks, because a friend of mine said that is how she did it and felt better Not looking at the scale all the time ( I weight in 2-3 times a week) so I decided to try that "NEVER AGAIN" I gained almost 10 pounds!! Soo anywhoo, I am LOVING Fitday once again to help me keep track of my progression/journal..THANKS Fitday, I have been using you since 2004 and have LOVED the upgrade!! Anyway, I will be putting in my progress each week, if I lost or not and what I DID do to finally lose that last piece of a pound
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