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What I like to do if it is a "stand-up" party (where you have the tables of food, not a seated affair) Hopefully they have shrimps and a veggie tray... is I'll make a little plate of that and then go stand outside (with the smokers) or at the opposite side of the room away from the food table. I have also been known to make my dinner and program my oven to turn on while I am at the party, and I then have an exit, exit time, and a yummy smelling dinner waiting for me at home!

If I am dining out, I make sure that I am sitting far away from any appetizers. They are hard to decipher how much calories they have and they can easily send you over your count for the day.

How I answered the "are you dieting?" I have said any one of the following responses, "I'm trying to make better choices." That one usually sparks a nice conversation... "No, I am not really 'dieting' but making dramatic changes to the way I eat." If you don't want to talk about it with anyone, you could say, "I'm just not feeling all that well today..."
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