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A little tired at CrossFit today. I think that my effort to lose 10 lbs finally caught up to me. But the good news is that WHOO HOOO those pesky 10lbs are gone! Now I need to keep from over celibrating - I think many of us have been there.

I will be traveling on Fri and Sat and then at a meeting all next week. The hotel seems to have a very nice fitness room, so I will get at least a couple of XFit-like workouts in, but probably not much running outside. Last time I had a week long meeting I finally submitted to the dreadmill and although it took a while to stop feeling like I was about to be thrown off the back of the thing, I actually kind of liked it.

I have been having minor MCL issues for the last few weeks, so I am struggling with staying active, but not aggrevating the tendons. I bought some kinesiology tape to try. We'll see... other than the pocket book, I don't think it can hurt

I agree with Abby, Tunnrida, I love seeing your posts everytime I open the forums, definitely inspiring!
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