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I have struggled with emotional eating for a very long time...I am still working on it but what HAS worked so far in helping a bit is setting more limits and boundaries in my life...saying "no" more often to people when they want or need something from me...working on putting my needs first, etc.

Also..I have been trying to allow myself other guilty pleasures I usually deny myself..such as shopping, taking time to read a good book for pleasure, watching a good movie, etc. By allowing myself to enjoy certain luxuries, I am less likely to overeat emotionally because I am allowing myself to "overdo" other pleasures. I really think overeating comes with being a perfectionist because when you want everything and realize you can't do it all, one can overeat to compensate for feelings of failure and dissatisfaction with oneself.

So (without replacing one obsession with another) allow yourself some other guilty pleasures and be mindful of your personal space and boundaries. Remember you come first because if you don't put your needs first you will feel cheated on that is what left me to overeating in the past. I think a lot more people do it than are willing to admit you're not alone!

Overeating is primarily caused by lack of confidence and self-esteem. I went through a year of therapy only to find my main issue was that I didn't value myself enough. Once you realize you come first and that there is nothing wrong with loving yourself first, you will start to do better with this (corny but very true) Hope it helps.

I am still working on remembering these things but it has helped me a lot!!! If anyone else has advice who conquered this problem please share!
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