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[QUOTE=wildbeanerz;79196]Thank you so much for commenting on my progress. It has been a slow and somewhat steady progress and I will take any that I can get. This week I have finally gotten to the 75lbs lost mark. As long as I stay under it until Monday I will update my signature! It feels awesome! Now about 60-75lbs to go. I don't have a weight goal in mind, more of a size & feeling goal.

What are some goals that you have set for yourself? I like to start out small. Like 5 lbs by a certain date. And I always have a goal to drink 100 oz of water a day. I keep a goal to remind me not to salt my food as sodium slows my weight loss.[/QUOT

I really think slower steady progress and patience are the thru "secret" to losing weight. So hard to stick to sometimes though! I am just now thinking about small goals for myself, i think part of the reason io have failed so many times before is I overwhelm myslef with to many challenges at, exercise, etc...and then get depressed when i didnt see immediate results. This time I started with food only..making better choices and tracking it. Then I added in small walks and then the treadmill and longer walks. Now that I feel comfortable with both of those being added to my daily life I am starting goals and challenges. Right now i am going to set it at 10 pound increments.
I have to really keep water by myself all day to get down 100 oz. i feel so much better when I do, but it's easy to forget. I am watching my sodium as well, I have never been a table salter but I was amazed at the amount of sodium is in the food we eat already. Ive done pretty good the last week on keeping it under or around 2400 mg but all it takes sometimes is not paying attention and that can double.
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