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Originally Posted by SkinnyErinn View Post
Another thing about soy for women is that an over-abundance of soy can lead to yeast infections. Women really need to watch their soy.
Ah yes, but if you aren't allergic to soy it's a great way to reduce the symptoms of menopause, especially hot flashes, it's also a really good source for vitamin D. Our house was dairy-free for years because the kids were allergic to cow's milk. Never once in all that time did I get a yeast infection, and I consumed soy at every meal. My sister-in-law got all worked up when her doctor suggested that her son go on a soy-based formula, because the dairy based formula caused him to vomit non-stop. She had read somewhere that soy can cause lower fertility rates in men. My DH burst out laughing because we got pregnant with almost no effort and he drinks soy milk by the gallons.

On the MSG allergy you are not the only one to have that issue. My mom works in an ER and she said that when they get a migraine case in the door they generally treat them for an allergic reaction and frequently MSG is a factor. The good news is that if you stay away from MSG, your diet will be much healthier. It's a pain in the behind I know, but ultimately better for you in the long run. I'm allergic to lemons and morphine, which is only difficult at restaurants, the hospital and while watching the food network.
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