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Originally Posted by directsuccess View Post
I have had the best results with Herbalife. I lost weight immediately, gained healthy energy... but best was getting allergies, asthma and migraines under control. No asthma, migraine or blood pressure meds anymore. :

It didn't cure anything, but all symptoms are gone. I must have just had some serious food sensitivities or something.

I have tried WW in the past, I lost weight - but for some reason that wasn't enough incentive for me to keep going on it.

Tried LA Weight loss, spent a ton of money, lost some weight- it was placed between KFC & cold stone ice cream ( that was fun!!) I just couldn't stay committed.

With both- my cravings never left- or if they did- they didn't stay gone, & buying their healthier sugary snacks or salty snacks, seemed to only make my cravings hang on.

With Herbalife, I get plenty of nutrition - and my cravings are gone. If I feel like munching on something- I am looking for baby carrots,banana, apple... something along the fruit and veggies line. I found soy nuts at WINCO for 1.48 LB.

I went grocery shopping, I was hungry, & for the first time in my life- I left with bags of fruit & veggies- not chips and sweets. I was actually wanting an orange & baby carrots.

It is safe to say, that in the past the only orange I would have been eating- was the orange color of the inside of a Butter finger & the only baby anything I would have been eating would have been sugar babies.

I use the 1,2,3 Herbalife plan plus tea. I intend to use it for life, to maintain my health and nutrition.

Anyone with questions can let me know.
My goal is to try and lose 80 lbs in 6mnths. I have been on a 1200 calorie intake, and working out for a total of an hour and a half and have lost 3 lbs in 3 days. I am extremely dedicated and cannot wait to see the end result. My only problem is the time frame..I have a reunion to attend in June and I really need to be 190 by that time! What I need is a fat burner. You mentioned Herbalife, how long did it take for you to lose the weight and how much did you lose? In the meanwhile, I'm gonna google the product and do some research.

Thanks in advance for your advice!!
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