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Tunnrida, what’s a Tibetan? I’m visualizing someone with a yak, climbing mountains. I love that when I log in I can almost always count on seeing your check in, it makes me want to keep checking in!

Lovely walks yeasterday – it was about 20 minutes of steady movement each way, got a blister (I was wearing heels and hose), so I had to steal a Bandaid from my client.

Fitday doesn’t seem to be an activity for “brisk walking in heels” – but I suggest everyone try it. Boston is at its most beautiful right now, the swan boats just started on the Public Garden, and the trees are all in bloom. The town is also crawling with marathoners (or perhaps limping with them) – the wear blue jackets which say ‘Boston Marathon 2012’ on the sleeve, and take pictures of all the tourist sights. I think I said “congratulations” 10 times in my walk yesterday – as I believe they should all be congratulated, and they seem to like it.

Today I did a nice 5K followed by boot camp, which was killer!

Have fun today!
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