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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Maybe see what you get if you Google the nutrition info on the seeds? See if it's consistent with what's on the package.
When I looked it up the serving size by weight was the same as it was on the package. I'm not sure if that site actually got its info from the Nutiva company though, but that's a possibility.

When I measure out a tablespoon it's supposed to be 10 grams but it turns out more like 6 grams. So you can see why there's a big difference in serving sizes.

I think you guys are right that I should go by weight.

The thing is I'm not just tracking calories anymore, I'm tracking nutrition, so eating less of something than I thought I did could also be a problem if I never actually consumed those nutrients. That's why I want to be sure this is accurate, otherwise I'd just go for the smaller serving.
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